2017 - Back in 5 Minutes Squad & Art in Motion

Back in 5 Minutes Squad & Art in Motion collaborated through our IGNiTE 2017 Artists in Residence programme

Art in Motion

“This opportunity will give us time and space to explore our common interest in the impact environments have on society and in imagining possible futures”. Helen Grant, Back in 5 Minutes Squad

Art in Motion and Back in 5 Minutes Squad - two very different artists groups based at Spike Island Studios in Bristol - worked together for the first time to produce an epic, evolving installation during their 2017 IGNiTE Summer residency.

Back in 5 Minutes Squad make immersive installations that imagine possible futures, taking a toungue-in-cheek look at the post-apocalyptic, the nihilistic, the existential and the revolutionary through the lens of popular culture.

Art in Motion is a not-for-prophit participatory arts organisation established in Bristol in 2013. The purpose of AIM is to provide opportunities for artists with learning disabilities to engage with contemporary multidisciplinary arts to explore ideas and concepts with a specific focus on heritage the built environment and a sense of place.