2017 - Latisha Cesar

2017 dance workshops hosted at Trinity by Latisha Cesar with Peniel Guerrier

"Historically Trinity has been a refuge for the outcast and has been known to stretch the boundaries of social acceptability. I feel it is only fitting that I explore my shame with a community that has never been mainstream but has always been accepting"
Latisha Cesar

Latisha Cesar is dancer and dance teacher that has studied, taught, and performed in the US, UK, Brazil. A native New Yorker, she studied dance at Lehman College at City University New York.

During Latisha's 2017 residency the artist developed Barye - a project that offered an introduction of Haitian culture to communities based in and around Trinity.

The programme included workshops and a sharing of traditional Haitian drumming and dance. The project also explored the themes of taboo, shame and the barriers that come with being other.

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