2017 - Uninvited Guests

Uninvited Guests took part in our IGNiTE 2017 Artists in Residence programme


Uninvited Guests


Uninvited Guests are a Bristol-based company led by Paul Clarke, Richard Dufty and Jessica Hoffmann who took part in our 2017 IGNiTE Summer residencies programme.


"We intend to engage local participants in the process of creating and contributing to the project and we would like to conduct workshops with key community groups to develop the overarching narrative, to create the piece and to test its participative elements." Uninvited Guests


They create entertaining and provocative performance that combines high-tech with low tech, the visceral with the virtual and work in various contexts, focusing mainly on theatre and producing installation and audio walks.


Their work blurs the line between theatre and social festivities, with audiences joining in events that are celebratory and critical of the current times and they have toured nationally and internationally.


As part of their residency they worked on developing a new small-scale touring participative theatre piece (To Those Born Later, working title) about the legacy we leave our families, communities and society.


During this R&D phase they focused on creating the piece with the involvement of Trinity’s groups and that was stage as a public sharing for audiences in February 2018.