2018 - Vicki Hearne

Vicki Hearne was one of four IGNiTE 2018 Artists in Residence

Women Wise - photo credit Richard Worts

I have so far created work which has women’s mental health as its core theme.  This is such an important subject to me and I believe I can raise further awareness and add to the debate through the dance theatre Untold creates.
Vicki Hearne

Vicki Hearne is a the creative director of Untold Dance Theatre, an all female intergenerational company based in Bristol. Untold strive to create entertaining, emotive, visceral and accessible dance theatre for all audiences.

As one of four IGNiTE 2018 Artists in Residence, Wicki worked with experienced and novice female dancers with an age range spanning 23 to 72 to explore the variables, similarities and differences in how the idea of perfection manifests itself at different stages of ones life.

As part of her residency Vicki created a new piece (working title) Practically Perfect. The project focsued on the idea of perfectionism, the journey to strive for this unattainable goal and how this affects women in particular.

Alongside this, Vicki continued to develop her outreach project: The Confidence Project, delivering movement and arts workshops to women.

We really liked her desire to explore the idea of perfection in an intergenerational dance project.